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Retail and Hospitality

Retail and Hospitality

Smart Inspection, Interactive Digital Signage, Business Analytics, VIP Recognition, Cold Chain Management, POS & Self Service

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Building & Space

Building & Space

People Counting , Visitor Thermal Screening, Visitor Face Recognition, Customer Satisfaction, Interactive Signage, Building Energy Management


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Provides effective and business-specific management and marketing solutions.

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Provides comprehensive solutions based on customers’ requirements and user needs.

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Provides customers with suggestions for interactive digital signage design, spatial marketing, and creative content.

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Complete software and hardware integration with on-site wiring and installation performed by dedicated personnel.

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Provides visitor traffic/customer traffic/hotspot analysis as well as and sales item and revenue reports.

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Provides instructions for using software and hardware as well as for remote and on-site maintenance and troubleshooting.


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AIoT Technology

Advantech iCity Services’ (AiCS) foray into artificial intelligence-based IoT (AIoT) is driven by digital signage, artificial intelligence (AI), and Internet of Things (IoT) techniques. Our aim is to elevate customer interaction, enhance data analysis, enable operations management, and provide novel customer experiences (such as situated experiences, precision marketing, store guidance, and VIP services). Expanding one’s customer base, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency are the primary objectives for smart retail and public spaces.

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Video AI Analysis

With imaging and deep learning forming the core of our business, AiCS integrates facial/object recognition systems and provides customer-related data (gender, age group, etc.), VIP recognition, and statistics on traffic flow tracking, length of stay, length of product browsing, etc. The statistics and analysis results give store operators more insights into their customers’ needs, thus allowing them to develop more precise marketing strategies and enhanced services for customers alike. When applied in public spaces, these strategies and services can increase personnel and visitor recognition rates for security purposes.

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Data Analytics

On the basis of hardware, AiCS has developed software platforms and software subscription services that integrate various business analytics data on a cloud platform and identify the key performance indicators (KPIs) of retail through big data. The KPIs are then analyzed professionally by our consultants and strategic partners to help customers optimize their marketing strategies.

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Interactive Design

By overcoming the barriers of typical interactive digital signage, AiCS is committed to perfecting the design and interactive nature of digital content such that interactive digital signage can be converted from hardware platforms to cloud-based platforms. The utilization of innovative techniques such as sensing technology and image recognition technology makes it possible for timely and localized broadcasting of advertisements to customers.

Success Stories

MCAA Good Morning 

We have 1,000 stores across Taiwan using the iService inspection system. The headquarters can clearly see the operating status of each store and check whether the franchise stores' performance meets expectations 


Digital management is undoubtedly an important process of Milkshop. iService suite is definitely an important puzzle for perfecting digitization. 


For the management of franchise stores, we must systematically deploy in advance. iService's inspection system helps us build a more complete management process, which makes us even more powerful.


Making delicious drinks is our mission, and to build a store opening system, we choose to believe that Advantech iService inspection meets our comprehensive software and hardware integration needs for POS, digital signage, and inspection.


iService inspection assists us in perfecting and building software and hardware, and provides professional marketing advice. It is our important partner on the journey of digital transformation.