Infection Prevention Solution

Manage Contagion Risk
in Indoor Spaces

Challenges in
Visitor Body Temperature Management

High contact risks

Manual temperature screening expends time and manpower and does not reduce the risk of contact.

High rate of inaccurate reporting

Service staff needs to maintain their eyes on the screens at all times, disrupting normal coffee and break patterns.

Crowd control difficulties

Control measures for large gatherings are prone to blind spots, making it difficult to track symptomatic visitors while requiring additional manpower.

Key Features

Accurate thermal screening

Comprehensive event record of potential risks

Contactless screening with self-service functionality

AI face detection

Abnormal event

Solution Scenarios

Complete pandemic control from entrance to indoor spaces
Self-service Thermal Screening
  • Ideal for entrances to enclosed spaces
  • Self-service thermal screening kiosk
  • Can be combined with visitor identity registration and health declaration processes
One-to-many Thermal Screening
  • Ideal for common reception areas and public spaces
  • Supports face detection and thermal screening of up to 30 people simultaneously
  • Reliable detection at a distance of 1.5 ~ 2.5 m

Product Highlights

Contactless Self-Service Thermal Screening

Advantech’s Infection Prevention Suite provides a convenient tool for contactless thermal screening to effective control the risks of contagion in indoor spaces. Moreover, the solution supports both self-service and multi-person temperature screening to facilitate reliable temperature measurements during peak periods.

Precise Temperature Measurement and Mask Detection

For high visitor volumes, the Infection Prevention Suite can support rapid thermal screening and mask detection of up to 30 people simultaneously. To ensure reliable infection control, thermal measurements with 95% accuracy can be taken even while wearing masks.

Accurate Face Detection

The Infection Prevention Suite supports AI-based face detection to enable identity recognition and contact tracing. The solution can also be configured to support employee, VIP, and blacklist detection for superior visitor access management.

Visitor Identity Registration

Thermal screening can be combined with visitor identity registration and independent health declaration processes to streamline administrative workflows, ensure regulatory compliance, and enhance visitor safety.

AiCS Infection Prevention Solution Suite

Simple, intuitive, and high integrity—a key choice among pandemic control systems
Simple and fast setup
Easy Implementation

3 steps for rapid setup in 15 minutes


Rapid installation with User-friendly operating interface

Compatible with internal networks,

eliminating the need for complex
external network setups

Step 1
Thermographic camera set up

Set up the camera at the venue

Step 2
Thermographic camera configuration

Set up notifications to capture facial images and thermal screening

Step 3
Thermal screening manager setting

Connect the camera
and set up the thermal screening manager

Software Features

View visitor temperatures at a glance

Switch between facial imaging and thermal screening on the dual interface

Retains visitor history records

Customizable visitor identification


Individual temperature metric


Immediate warning of visitors showing elevated temperatures/who are not wearing a mask


Thermal screening mode switching


Visitors scan a QR code to complete a questionnaire


Supports the simultaneous display of multiple visitors’ temperatures


Immediate warning of visitors showing elevated temperatures/who are not wearing a mask


Facial snapshot of the latest visitor including their thermal screen metric

Visitor history is available for viewing and visitor identities can be customized
(as employees, VIP visitors, new visitors, or blacklisted)

System Architecture

Product Package

Infection Prevention Solution

Self-service Thermal Screening

Advantech Part Number
I.App Thermal Screening Connect
Advantech Part Number USC - 130UIPL - G1E - C
Thermal Screening Sensor ASK - TMSR - RPOS - 0003
Accessories USC - A - STAND - 1

Infection Prevention Solution

One-to-many Thermal Screening

Advantech Part Number
I.App Infection Prevention CMS
Thermographic Camera UCAM - 220TT - U11
Visitor Thermal Screening Manager UBX - 310UIP - S1E - C

How to choose?

Thermal Screening
Thermal Screening
Reception areas and
public spaces
The entrance
to enclosed spaces
Max. number of body temperature detection at the same time Up to
Body temperature / mask detection
Face detection
Visitor identity registration
Abnormal event warning
Integrable face recognition solution

Case Study