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StoreVue is an Advantech iCity Services (AiCS) platform that provides intelligent cloud-based solutions for the retail and hospitality industries.
The solution platform offers industrial-grade hardware integrated with flexible SaaS offerings that leverage big data to deliver business insights and optimize operations.

StoreVue Inspection
StoreVue Inspection
  • Develop Custom Checklists
  • Save Inspection Time
  • Manage Access Permissions
  • Automatically Generate Reports

StoreVue Inspection Suite leverages a mobile app and web management interface to improve the efficiency of store inspections. The integrated solution allows users to monitor surveillance cameras at multiple locations in real time from any location via the mobile app.

StoreVue Signage
StoreVue Signage
  • Harvest the content
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Easy to editing
  • Fast dispatch

StoreVue Signage Suite is designed to simplify advertisement broadcasting by providing a cost-effective solution for remote real-time content distribution. The suite allows users to easily create and dispatch display content to multiple client devices in different locations via a single platform.

StoreVue Traffic
StoreVue Traffic
  • Comprehensive store data integration
  • Store KPI analysis

StoreVue Traffic is a cloud management platform, which can integrate surveillance cameras, people counting cameras and POS systems, and fully open up API data integration, allowing store operators to keep track of store flow, cross-store sales rankings and all times management data.


Food & Beverage
Boutique clothing


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