About StoreVue

StoreVue, an Advantech iCity Services (AiCS) solution package, provides intelligent digital solutions for retail chains and stores. The StoreVue platform offers cloud-based software services that support Advantech hardware. Users can enjoy industrial-grade hardware equipped with flexible SaaS offerings that deliver business insights using big data to optimize operations management.

Our Service

Cloud-to-Edge Subscription Plan

For retail startups, we offer software and hardware subscription plans that include POS systems, digital signage displays, CMS servers, and 3D cameras to minimize initial investment costs.

Integrated Cloud Service

A cloud management platform is provided for our hardware subscription plan. The platform integrates big data collected from the store to enable effective store management while reducing IT infrastructure.

Professional Consultation Service

Expert retail consultants are available to propose a customized plan that addresses your unique pain points and usage requirements to assist you with optimizing operations.

Comprehensive Installation Service

After you are subscribed to StoreVue, the Advantech hardware installation team provides a comprehensive installation service to ensure easy deployment and configuration.

System Integration Service

For customers looking to replace or upgrade old infrastructure, we offer a system integration service for convenient cloud-to-cloud or edge-to-edge system integration.

Store Management App Support

Our platform supports multiple operating systems including iOS and Android and can be integrated with a mobile app to allow retail staff to manage the store remotely from any device.